Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've just made myself a new blinkie to help promote my designs on websites and in forums. You can see it just to the right here. I love that I learned to make animated gifs, and maybe there will be more blinkies in the future.

When I started designing I knew there was a lot more to being a successful designer then just designing, there are hours and hours spent reading and updating posts, looking at galleries and commenting, challenges to manage and ads to create and then send off to promote the designs. I am still ramping up on the ads, but I know that if I want to be a successful designer, then its not just designing. Many of the designers that I have admired have recently cut back on their stores, or their designing in general in order to better balance their lives. I love designing, but I know I need to keep the balance. I figure if I stay happy designing then I will keep designing.

To that end I have spent a lot of time designing recently so I am planning to a bunch of layouts next week instead of design. If I don't actually scrap anything this will become more like a job then art.

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