Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seven things...

This is for Kari, but I don't tag others so you will just have to enjoy the list.

OK, I am going to keep all facts scrapping/craft related, because that is what this blog is for. :) I think I have a couple of weird crafting ones anyway.

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1. I can spend 4-5 hours designing one element, but usually can finish a pack of papers in an hour. LOL, I think I should be making more paper packs, don't you?

2. I am trying to figure out how to design, and build a font using only freeware or open source software.

3. I recently took a Charlie and Lola book out the library to inspire my designs, but my kids won't let it out of their rooms, so I can't look at it.

4. Here's a real random one - once I sculpted roses from Wonder Bread and Elmer's glue.

5. I still haven't finished my kids' baby books, because I started designing when I started scrapping. :)

6. I used to do watercolor portraits from photos (by hand, not on computer) and paint them in sepia/rose tones. I think that is where I get my obsession with sepia photos.

7. The hardest part of designing for me is coming up with the descriptions, and previews. I guess I need a course in marketing communication or something.

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